About Barbizon Europe:

Our parent company Barbizon Lighting Company (based in the US) had been trading internationally for years, but the company became a true multinational with the 2001 opening of its UK office here at Barbizon Europe. We began with just two employees here: Phil Bullock (formerly export manager of MGC Lamps) as General Manager and Wendy Pearson (formerly MGC Lamps and AC Lighting export coordinator for sourcing and selling) as Operations Manager. Overtime their wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry has led to our continued growth and desire to do better by our customers.

Specialising in TV & Film and Theatre lighting, we here at Barbizon Europe have long standing and successful partnerships with many of the industry‚Äôs most highly regarded brands such as: ARRI, Osram, Signify, LiteGear, Litepanels, Mole Richardson and many more. We’re a registered dealer for ARRI here in the UK and are delighted to offer all of their amazing products.

Similarly to many businesses 2020 was a year of huge change for us here at Barbizon Europe. With the retirement of Phil, a new General Manager was needed here and it lead to former Sales Executive and Export Sales Manager, Simon Walsworth to step up and lead us in a new direction. Upon confirmation of his role, Simon set out to promote a new image for the business and begin growing our already wonderful existing customer base and grow the network of countries and industries that we work in.

Simon began by, hiring his first new employee to flesh out the team here at Barbizon Europe. This being Jake Lynham, to oversee the development and ongoing running of our website, marketing and social media platforms.

Finally, the team within our office here in Hemel Hempstead is rounded out by Teri Gillings, who is our Operations Administrator and is responsible for shipments in Europe and the UK.


About the team:

Simon Walsworth- General Manager

Simon joined Barbizon Europe over 12 years ago and has worked his way up from Sales Executive, Export Sales Manager to the General Manager from October 2020. His years within the industry have lead to a brilliant understanding of the bulb sector in particular. Simon’s wealth of experience at Barbizon has led to his knowledge of the brands we supply and our customers wants being unrivalled. An Arsenal Football Club fan (we know, bad taste right?) and big family man, Simon is the dad to his two wonderful boys and spends his free time with them or at the gym.

Wendy Pearson- Operations Manager

As mentioned above, Wendy alongside former General Manager Phil, was responsible for Barbizon Europe’s initial conception in 2001. As Operations Manager here at Barbizon Europe and her wealth of experience in Import & Export, Wendy is well known for her knowledge within the field and is constantly coming up with new ways to combat the ever-changing industry that is Import & Export. A massive sports fan, Wendy spends her time watching any and all sports from Athletics, Football and more. When not working or watching sports, Wendy is often found doing some form of problem solving game or puzzle or listening to BBC Radio 4.

Jake Lynham- Marketing & New Business Administrator

The one responsible for all the technical bits we put out and do here at Barbizon Europe, Jake graduated from The University of Hertfordshire in June 2020 and joined us here in November of that year. Marketing, Social Media and overseeing our website. In January 2022 Jake earnt a promotion to his new title (As shown above) and is now responsible for identifying new business within the UK & Europe. When not working Jake is a huge nerd who is either gaming, listening to podcasts or drinking gin with his girlfriend. Chelsea Football Club fan (finally a good team aye?) and loves watching the UFC even if it does mess up his sleeping pattern.


Michael Sturgess- Facilities Administrator

The newest member of the team, Michael is responsible for all of the day-to-day operations and running of our warehouse. Receiving goods in and sending goods around the UK, Europe and Asia. Another Arsenal fan like Simon (Another one ?!) and a huge football, boxing, horse racing and sports fan in general. Constantly watching or consuming sports in some way at all times. Another step closer to a Barbizon Europe football team (as long as Wendy doesn’t mind going in goal of course!)