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6-1/4″ Frame Size 6″ Half Top Hat

6-1/4″ Frame 1


City Theatrical 2460 6-1/4″ Frame Size 6″ Half Top Hat

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Product Description:

City Theatrical 2460 6.25-inch Half Top Hat

Standard Half Top Hat for Source Four, Strand SL, Shakespeare, Pacific (19-50°)

Professional designers know that Half Top Hats can provide better performance than Full Top Hats.  That’s because when a Full Top Hat is inserted into a lighting fixture, the bright source of the light is hidden, but the interior of the top hat is lit up brightly.  By using a Half Top Hat rotated with its full side toward the viewer, that bright interior disappears and the lighting fixture can no longer be seen.

Note: We do not recommend the use of 5” long accessories in 50° lens tubes. Loss of light will occur. We do not recommend the use of any accessory in 70° or 90° lens tubes. Extreme loss of light will occur.


  • Black flocked interior is standard on all black top hats and half top hats for maximum reduction of glare and spill