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Amaran F21c

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Amaran F21c – 6971842183258

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Amaran F21c

Introducing the amaran F21c, a high-output, full-colour flexibleLED mat that offers superb performance and versatility for avariety of users — from filmmakers to videographers, contentcreators, and even photographers. With 100W of output power,this ultra-lightweight 2’x1′ fixture is capable of outputting 3,360+lux at 1 meter (5600K) — a top performer in its class. Install theincluded foldable softbox and instantly turn this flexible mat intoan ultra-thin soft light that will make any subject shine with stellarCRI and TLCI scores of 95+ and 98+….

Included in the box:

  • 1x Amaran F21c RGBWW 2×1 LED Flexible Mat
  • 1x Amaran F21c Control Box
  • 1x Amaran F21c Head Cable Extension (3m)
  • 1x Amaran F21 Support Bracket
  • 1x Amaran Flexible Light Right Angle Baby Pin Adapter
  • 1x Amaran Flexible Light Straight Baby Pin Adapter
  • 1x Tilting Stand Mount
  • 1x Amaran F21 Soft Box Frame
  • 1x Amaran F21 Diffusion Cloth 1 (1/2 Grid Cloth)
  • 1x Amaran F21 Diffusion Cloth 2 (2.5 Stop)
  • 1x Amaran F21 Light Control Grid
  • 1x AC Power Supply
  • 1x AC Power Cable
  • 1x Amaran Flexible Light Carrying Case