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Aputure Accent B7c 8-Light Kit

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Aputure Accent B7c 8-Light Kit- 6971842181698

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The B7c 8-Light Kit comes with 8 Accent B7c RGBWW LED Bulbs with a Hard Shell Charging Case which stores & charges up to 8 B7c Bulbs.
The Accent B7c is a battery-operated 7W RGBWW colour-mixing LED light bulb, and the first product in Aputure’s Accent family of “practical” LED lights built for filmmakers, with a unique combination of features no other light has. The B7c features a standard E26/27 lamp socket screw connector making it compatible with a wide variety of lamps anywhere in the world. Its light bulb form factor allows users to more naturally integrate programmable, colour-mixing, practical lighting into any scene.

Included in box

  • 8 x Aputure Accent B7c RGBWW LED Bulbs
  • 1 x Accent B7c 8-Light Charging Case
  • 3 x Spare Fuse
  • 1 x Power Cable