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Aputure INFINIBAR PB12 8-Light Kit

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Aputure INFINIBAR PB12 8-Light Kit- 6971842185603

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The INFINIBAR PB12 8-Light Kit includes eight of Aputure’s first 4-foot (120cm) full-color LED pixel bars. Featuring 96 pixels, intuitive mounting and connecting options with an infinite blending design, an integrated battery, and advanced connectivity methods, the INFINIBAR PB12 excels in constructing unique, colorful designs that bring scenes to life in new and exciting ways.
The 8-Light Kit expands this expansive multitool’s capabilities, with not only eight times the available light, but also additional power cables, adapters, and light control grids in a sturdy flight case to extend your creative possibilities. And in addition to charging each light individually, the 8-Light Kit is equipped with a 330W Power Adapter with 8-Way Splitters that can simultaneously charge all fixtures.
The INFINIBAR’s most unique feature is the ability to link multiple 1ft, 2ft, or 4ft INFINIBARs together using 10 differently-shaped connectors (1) to designcreative shapes and effects.
Colour temperature: 2,000K – 10,000K

Included in box

  • 8x 48W DC Power Adapter (3m)
  • 1x AC Locking Power Cable (4m)
  • 8x AC Locking Power Cable (1.5m)
  • 1x 330W Power Adapter with 8-Way Splitters
  • 16x Magnetic Spacer
  • 8x INFINIBAR Clamp to Baby Pin Adapter
  • 8x INFINIBAR Straight Connector
  • 1x 5mm Hex Wrench
  • 8x INFINIBAR PB12 45o Light Control Grid
  • 1x Flight Case