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ARRI S60 Adapter for X21

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ARRI S60 Adapter for X21 – L2.0048578

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ARRI L2.0048578 Overview

The S60 Adapter for SkyPanel X21 from ARRI is specifically designed to allow you to use S60-C accessories with the X21 panel. It brings soft and accurate lighting control with the possibility of reusing your existing S60-C accessories such as honeycombs, SkyBenders, barndoors, and diffusion frames. Thanks to the wide-angle LEDs used in SkyPanel X, your S60-C accessories will work just as you expect.

High Output-
The X21 dome is brighter than the combination of the S60 adapter and the standard S60-C diffusion, but users can exchange the standard diffusion with the S60-C intensifier using the S60 adapter for the highest possible lumen output.
Widely Compatible-
All accessories that can be attached to the front of the S60-C can be used with this adapter. The accessory slots are available, as well as the side rails for mounting Chimera lightbanks.