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ARRI SkyPanel X21 Soft & Hard Light Package (Schuko)

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ARRI SkyPanel X21 Soft & Hard Light Package (Schuko)- L0.0049589


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About ARRI SkyPanel X21 Soft & Hard Light Package:

Brighter, longer, more accurate: The first High-Performance SkyPanel.

The SkyPanel X21 Soft & Hard Light Package includes a 2:1 all-weather LED panel that can work as a powerful round-beam hard light with the HyPer Optic, as a direct soft light with the X21 Dome, or directly as a flexible open face fixture for bouncing. With native CRMX2, BLE and Bluetooth 5.0, two Ethernet ports, 8 pixel zones and an ALL-WEATHER Control Panel, that works both as an integrated display and a remote device, the SkyPanel X21 offers the easiest workflow without compromising in output, color quality and connectivity.
Introduced as a modular system and configurable into different sizes (X21, X22, X23), SkyPanel X offers native soft and hard light technology, setting a new bar not only in terms of dimming and color science, but also in lux output and beam quality for medium to long throws. With up to 4,800 lux at 10 m / 32.8 ft and eight pixels per panel.


  • 1 x L1.0048487 SkyPanel X, incl. X21 Dome
  • 1 x L2.0048580 X21 HyPer Optic
  • 1 x L2.0048844 ALL-WEATHER Control Panel
  • 1 x L2.0048577 X21 Manual Yoke incl. Spigot
  • 1 x L2.0007516 Mains cable, 3m, powerCON TRUE1 TOP Schuko