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ARRI SkyPanel X23 Soft & Hard Light Package (Schuko)

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ARRI SkyPanel X23 Soft & Hard Light Package (Schuko) – L0.0049595

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ARRI L0.0049595 (L00049595) SkyPanel X23 Soft and Hard Light Package – Schuko arri-skypanel-x23-soft-hard-pack-l0-0049595 / L0.0049595. Choose the output, pick the size: meet the modular concept of SkyPanel X.

The SkyPanel X23 Soft & Hard Light Package delivers a powerful 2:3 all-weather LED panel that can work as a powerful long-throw hard light with three HyPer Optics, as a wide-coverage soft light with three X21 Domes, or directly as a large open-face fixture for bouncing or lightbank attachment. With native CRMX2, BLE and Bluetooth 5.0, six Ethernet ports, 24 pixel zones and an ALL-WEATHER Control Panel, that works both as an integrated display and a remote device, the X23 offers the easiest workflow without compromising in output, color quality and connectivity.
Introduced as a modular system and configurable into different sizes (X21, X22, X23), SkyPanel X offers native soft and hard light technology, setting a new bar not only in terms of dimming and color science, but also in lux output and beam quality for medium to long throws.¬†With up to 4,800 lux at 10…


  • 3 x L1.0048487 SkyPanel X, incl. X21 Dome
  • 3 x L2.0048580 X21 HyPer Optic
  • 1 x L2.0048844 ALL-WEATHER Control Panel
  • 1 x L2.0049573 X Modular Yoke, incl.Spigot
  • 1 x L2.00495570 X23 Modular Frame, incl. Daisy Chain Cabling Ethernet & Power
  • 1 x L2.0007516 Mains cable, 3m, powerCON TRUE1 TOP Schuko