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ARRI X21 Soft Light Package (Schuko)

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ARRI X21 Soft Light Package (Schuko) L0.0049592- Individual packages; soft light application only.

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ARRI SkyPanel X21 Soft Light Package (Schuko) – L0.0049592

Individual packages; soft light application only

SkyPanel X – Reach beyond the Sky
Introduced as a modular system and configurable into different sizes (X21, X22, X23), SkyPanel X offers native soft and hard light technology, setting a new bar not only in terms of dimming and colour science but also in lux output and beam quality for medium to long throws. With up to 4,800 lux at 10 m / 32.8 ft and eight pixels per panel; dynamic CCT range of 1,500 K – 20,000 K; RGBACL full-spectrum colour engine; wireless control; integrated power supply; advanced networking possibilities; and an IP66 rating, the SkyPanel X is an all-weather lighting solution tailored to existing workflows.

The all-weather SkyPanel X
The SkyPanel X is your all-weather lighting solution. Engineered and IP66-certified for resilience against rain, storms, and cold water pressure washers, these lights embody innovation, reliability, and durability.

Choose your soft light LED panel solution with SkyPanel X
Continue your established SkyPanel practices via the S60 Adapter, or streamline with the simplified X21 Dome workflow.

Maximize brightness with enhanced output, meeting all shadow quality and beam spread requirements
Ensure unparalleled colour precision within a 1,500 K – 20,000 K CCT range
Benefit from flicker-free high resolution for superior low-end dimming, plus the benefits of High Output Mode
Configure SkyPanel X as a 2:1, 2:2, or 2:3 panel ratio for wide-aperture soft lighting
Take advantage of 8 individually controllable pixel zones per single unit for diverse texturized effects
Use existing SkyPanel S60-C accessories on SkyPanel X with the optional S60 Adapter

L0.0049592 X21 Soft Light Package (Schuko)
1x L1.0048487 SkyPanel X, incl. X21 Dome
1x L2.0048844 ALL-WEATHER Control Panel
1x L2.0048577 X21 Manual Yoke incl. Spigot
1x L2.0007516 Mains cable, 3m, powerCON TRUE1 TOP Schuko