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Autopole 2, 1-3, 7MT, L2.76993.0

Autopole 2, 1-3


Autopole 2, 1-3, 7MT, L2.76993.0 – 032

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Product Description:

The hardworking autopole for big or small spaces. This essential Autopole is ideal for creating backgrounds whatever space you have to work with. Because it extends from between 210cm and 370 cm, it can be adjusted to fit the area, whether that’s in the studio or on location. This ingenious and flexible system means you can create super-professional results every time, without any hassle.

Aside from being nifty and functional, this autopole is made to last. It’s crafted from durable aluminium, and painted black for a stylish finish. This means that it’s strong enough to support what you need on the day, while being lightweight enough to pack away and carry to the next stop easily. Not only that, it has a smart cantilever system, enabling you to get everything into place with a few swift movements.

To keep things extra secure, there’s an integrated safety lock, so when you’re set up there’s no chance of slipping or wobbling. This helps the autopole to carry heavier loads with ease. Plus, rubber cups at each end give you a totally firm footing, regardless of the ground you’re on, so you can be extra sure that you’re completely stable.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 2.1 kg
  • Minimum Extension: 210 cm
  • Maximum Extension: 370 cm
  • Pole Diameter: 45,40mm
  • Colour: Grey