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Chimera Lightbank for SkyPanel X23

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Chimera Lightbank for SkyPanel X23 – L2.0049583

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Chimera Lightbank for SkyPanel X23

The Lightbank for X23 by Chimera is a professional grade softbox that increases the light aperture of the X23 when used with the X21 Dome. It uses a large aperture to create a controlled softlight with amazing output. Specially designed pole blocks attach to the SkyPanel X heatsink and create a direct mounting point between fixture and Lightbank. The Lightbank fits standard Soft Egg Crates available by Chimera.

  • Standard large Lightbank with poles
  • Provides controlled soft light and amazing output
  • Uses pole blocks, specially designed for SkyPanel X
  • Includes Lightbank with poles, Full Chimera Cloth front screen, inner baffle, pole block set and storage sack

Size: 1372 x 1829 x 610 mm / 54 x 72 x 24 in
Weight: approx. 2 kg / 4.35 lb