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Combo Steel Stand 20 L2.90693.0

Comb-O Steel Steel 20


Combo Steel Stand 20 L2.90693.0 – A1020CS

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Product Description:

The Avenger A1020CS Chrome Steel Combo Stand with Leveling Leg is a heavy duty stand capable of holding a 35kg load at a height of 2m. This chrome steel combo stand has a combo style or universal type top which incorporates a 28mm Junior Receiver and a built-in retractable 16mm non-threaded baby pinCaptive T-handles means you don’t run the risk of losing handles even if they fully unscrew.

Recommended accessories: A9000N Wheel Set, D400 4.5In. Jumbo Grip Head (Lollipop), E200 Adapter, C590, 087WBK Wind Brace Kit, G200-1 Sandbag.