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fos/4 Panel, 16×24, Lustr X8 array, 2-tone, CE, with yoke

Fos/4 Panel 16×24 Lustr

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fos/4 Panel, 16×24, Lustr X8 array, 2-tone, CE, with yoke – 7471A1210

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Product Description:

Over a decade of research has been realized in the fos/4 panels. It’s time to give your viewers the most realistic environments and skin tones possible.

Why fix in postproduction, what you can realize in production?

Fos/4 is available in both a tunable white light Daylight HDR array and a full color Lustr X8 array.


• Lustr X8 full color array

• Daylight HDR tunable white array

• Three sizes available

• Intuitive UI with color picker

• Up to 62,000 lumens

• Select CCT between 1,900–10,450 K

• NFC configuration

• Multiverse® wireless control

• Standard 5/10 year LED fixture warranty

Color Information: Fixture available in 2-tone (black and studio gray)


Ships With:

Fixtures ship with yoke, standard diffusion, powerCON TRUE1 TOP power input cable with connector of your choice and junior pin (1-1/8″ / 28mm) adapter.

Fos/4 Panel Medium

16″x24″ (406×610 mm) Aperture