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Lightbank – Daylite Jr Plus with 3 SCEENS –   MEDIUM

Daylite Jr Plus MEDIUM


Chimera Lighting Lightbank – Daylite Jr Plus – MEDIUM (90x120cm) 3 SCEENS – 8235

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Chimera Daylite JR Plus Medium Overview

With fabric intended for the heat of a continuous light, the Chimera Medium Daylight Junior Plus is ideal for a small Fresnel light up to 1,200 Watts. It may also be used with a strobe. The extra depth of the Daylight (it’s about 30% deeper than the video Pro Plus) allows the Fresnel beam to spread out and cover the front face more evenly. Its silver interior will provides light quality more spectral with a faster gradation from highlight to shadow areas.

The “Plus” designation means you may remove the front face of the softbox if you like. This softbox comes with a one stop diffusion cloth standard, and an additional 1/2 and 1/4 grid cloth is included. Substituting a half or quarter diffusion or taking off the interior baffle would result in even more contrast, slightly more light transmission, and less softening of the light.

The recessed front face makes the soft source more directional, and enables the user to add a honeycomb grid, soft fabric grid or louvers.
Required Speed (mounting) Rings are available separately for many manufacturers’ lights.
This size is ideal for large products setups, or full-length interviews with 2 – 3 people.
If you are using open-faced lights, the Video Pro Plus banks are a more cost effective solution.

In the Box

  • Chimera Medium Daylite Junior Plus Softbox, Silver (36 x 48″)
  • Black Storage bag for Softbox, Diffusion Screen and Poles
  • Poles
  • Interior Baffle
  • 1 f-stop Front Diffusion Cloth, 1/2 grid cloth & 1/4 grid cloth