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Lightbank – Lantern – Pancake – without Skirt – SMALL

Chimera Pancake Softbox Small


Chimera Pancake Lantern Softbox – Small (21″ / 53 cm)

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Chimera Pancake Lantern Small Overview

This small Chimera Pancake Lantern Softbox is the lantern body, without the skirt. Lantern softboxes are used by still photographers, filmmakers and videographers for illuminating entire rooms with soft, even light. Choose a lantern softbox according to the size of the room, and your working light fixture.

Required speed rings are available separately for your light fixture.

Use this size for casting omni-directional lighting for a small room, or for adding accent lighting in a larger room.
Required Speed (mounting) Rings are available separately for many manufacturers’ hot lights and strobes.
Bobinette scrims are available, to diminish the light output.

In the Box

  • Chimera Pancake Lantern Softbox – Small (21″ / 53 cm)