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Lightbank – Video Pro Plus with 3 Screens – XXS

Video Pro Plus XXS


Chimera Lighting Lightbank – Video Pro Plus – XXS (30x40cm) 3 Screens – 8105

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Chimera Video Pro Plus XXS Overview

The Chimera Video Pro Plus XX Small Softbox is designed for use with a hotlight but can be used with flash as well. With fabric intended for the heat of a continuous light, the XX-Small Video Pro Plus 1 with silver interior is ideal for work in small spaces when minimal softening of your light is desired. Because of its very small size and silver interior, light quality will be more spectral with a faster gradation from highlight to shadow areas. The 12×16″ size is very portable and lightweight. It can be taken on location easily.

The Plus designation of this softbox means the 1-stop front face of the softbox is removable and can be swapped out for the included 1/2 and 1/4 grid cloth front-face diffusion panels for more light transmission and a more crisp result.

This box provides the most spectral quality of light. Shadows will be denser with a faster gradation from highlight to shadow. Image will appear sharp and more contrasty than when using a white-interior soft box.
Optional fabric grids are available to add more control to the direction and spread of the light.
Required speed rings are available separately for most strobes and hotlights.

In the Box

  • Chimera Video Pro Plus XX Small Softbox, Silver Interior (12 x 16″)
  • 4 x Poles
  • Interior Baffle
  • Full Diffusion Front Face
  • Grid Cloth Front Face (1/2)
  • Grid Cloth Front Face (1/4)
  • Storage Bag