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LiteGear Auroris V System Schuko

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LiteGear Auroris V System Schuko – AURG-SPEC-V-AC600-SCHUKO

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The Auroris V Kit features:
(1) Auroris V
(1) LiteDimmer Spectrum AC600
(1) 25 ft / 7.5 m 28-Pin Header Cable
(1) powerCon Cable (Edison, Schuko, or Bare Ends.)

The Auroris is a full-color, overhead light source that combines high-quality color rendition and precision control in one sleek, easy-to-use package. Powered by LiteGear’s Spectrum technology, Auroris’s 12 or 24 large-format pixels make for a complete pixel mappable source that can cover up to 100 square foot area with just one fixture. Designed to be light on weight and easy to rig, Auroris is one of the slimmest, most versatile soft lights, period.

LiteDimmer AC600
The LiteDimmer Spectrum AC600 is a new class of dimmers made specifically with Auroris in mind. Complete with local control and new communication protocols, this dimmer can control 12 large format pixels, making pixel mapping large overhead areas easier than ever. Specially designed with advanced processing power, integrated Ethernet switch, expanded memory, and a faster processor, this new hardware allows for Ethernet-based communication protocols such as Art-Net and sACN, advanced color control, and cutting-edge software features. An integrated USB-A port allows for easy updates that will bring new, innovative software for years to come.

28-Pin Header Cable
The 28-pin header cable distributes power and data evenly for up to 12 light engines.

powerCon Cable
Choice of edison, schuko, or bare-ends connector to lockable 3 pole connector with contacts for line, neutral, and safety grounds.