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Mini Boom [D600] L2.8800123

Mini Boom


Mini Boom [D600] L2.8800123 – D600

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Product Description:

The Avenger D600 Mini Boom in chrome steel is an extremely flexible tool that allows you to extend or boom over and around your subject. It has a built-in 2 1/2”grip head that uses a brake pad to provide easy movements up or down, superior locking power and easy mounting to any type of stand. The welded Baby Spigot or stud provides a secure mount for any fixture built with a 5/8”/16mm receiver. Attach a sandbag to the backend hook to provide the ultimate counter-balance and stability to your lights or what ever you are mounting on the spigot. Use it with C-Stands (A2030D, A2033F, A2033L), rolling stands (A5029, A5036CS), combo stands (A1035B, A1035CS) and windup stands (B6030CS, B6026CS). Recommended Accessories: G200-1, G100-1, E200 if using the boom on a Combo or Wind-up Stand.


Weight: 3.7 kg

Payload: 7 kg

Boom Min extension: 223 cm

Boom Max extension: 117 cm

Sections – Boom Arm: 2