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MSR 4000 HR

MSR 4000 HR

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MSR 4000 HR – MSR4000HR

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Product Specifications:

General Information

G38  [ G38]
Operating Position
UNIVERSAL  [ Any or Universal (U)]
Main Application
Indoor & Outdoor filming
Life to 50% Failures (Nom)
300 h
System Description
Hot Restrike

Light Technical

Color Code
–  [ Not Specified]
Luminous Flux (Min)
331200 lm
Luminous Flux (Nom)
368000 lm
Chromaticity Coordinate X (Nom)
Chromaticity Coordinate Y (Nom)
Correlated Color Temperature (Nom)
7270 K
Luminous Efficacy (rated) (Nom)
92 lm/W
Color Rendering Index (Nom)

Operating and Electrical

Power (Nom)
4000 W
Lamp Current (Nom)
27.5 A
Ignition Supply Voltage (Min)
342 V

Controls and Dimming


Mechanical and Housing

Cap-Base Information

Luminaire Design Requirements

Bulb Temperature (Max)
700 °C
Pinch Temperature (Max)
450 °C