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HMI Digital 800W

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OSRAM HMI Digital 800W 10/CS 1/SKU

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Robust, flicker-free lamps deliver a steady performance: HMI® DIGITAL

Whether using analog or digital film, shooting in in modes of 1000 Hz and higher, OSRAM’s HMI® DIGITAL line has a lamp for your production. While specially-designed to accommodate evolving, high-speed film technology, HMI® DIGITAL still provides every feature needed to light traditional film productions, as well as theater stages.

HMI DIGITAL lamps provide daylight color and are designed to meet the high demands of today’s film productions. Offering flicker-free operation on high frequency ballasts, the DIGITAL lamps series can also be used with traditional fixtures. All HMI DIGITAL lamps offer UV-stop technology for enhanced safety.

Product features and benefits

  • Reduced flicker when used with high-speed electronic ballasts (up to 1000 Hz and higher)
  • Suited for both analog and digital film productions
  • High intensity light providing true color performance with a CRI>90
  • Capable of hot restrike ignition
  • High color stability with average changes in color temperature during lamp life only 1°K/hr
  • Dimmable down to 40% with stable color using many electronic ballasts
  • High energy efficiency providing up to 100 LPW
  • Enhanced safety with UV-Stop (UVS) feature on all DIGITAL types
  • Up to 99.9% less UV emissions (from models equipped with UV-Stop)
  • Color temperature of 6000 K for realistic, naturally-lit scenes
  • High color rendering index of 90+, exposing true-to-life colors
  • Improved stability and design
  • Robust stems, resulting in less breakage during transport
Areas of application

  • Studio, TV and film
  • Professional Photography
  • Solar Simulation