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Source 4WRD 230V LED Retrofit – Black

Source 4WRD LED

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Source 4WRD 230V LED Retrofit – Black – 7067A1200

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Source 4WRD II

4WRD progress starts here

With a full family of options available, you can retrofit existing Source Four incandescent fixtures, or add to your inventory knowing that you’re gaining some of the best white light LED technology on the market. Available as Source 4WRD Spot, PAR, PARNel, and as an LED retrofit.

All Source 4WRD fixtures are available in both warm and cool white arrays.

Warm white 80CRI or 90CRI (Gallery) – perfect for any venue looking for a warm white light.

Cool white 90CRI (Daylight Gallery) – ideal for television studios, industrial trade shows, and other live events, this array provides the coolest, and brightest white light in an LED fixture.

Source 4WRD LED Retrofit

Advance any full-size, tungsten Source Four ellipsoidal to LED efficiency in seconds, and without special tools. Same optics, same accessories, same flexibility as a Source Four fixture.

  • Brighter than most HPL lamps.
  • Upwards of 70% less power used, no more re-lamping fixtures, no-hassle swap out.

Source 4WRD PAR and PARNel

20% more light

The Source 4WRD II PAR and Source 4WRD PARNel fixture are a great addition to any venue.

We took the classic PAR and PARNel optics and swapped them for the Source 4WRD II system giving you some of the brightest, high-quality, white light on the market.

Source 4WRD II gives you 20% more light than a Source Four PAR using a 750w long-life lamp.

Source 4WRD PAR and PARNel are only available as full fixture options. This is not a retrofit for conventional PAR and PARNel fixtures.

The best remains

Use the same accessories and smooth light. The new Source 4WRD PAR and Source 4WRD PARNel fixtures use the same rugged, die-cast aluminum construction as the original fixtures, and produce the same smooth, even field of light. The only change is that the 575W lamp has been swapped for a 155W LED source. This means, no more lamps to keep in inventory!

There’s no need to buy new accessories for your new Source 4WRD PAR and PARNel fixtures. All existing Source Four PAR lenses and accessories are compatible with the new design. The same set of four snap-in lenses you already have in inventory, work with these fixtures as well.