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Litepanels┬« are the original pioneers in LED panel lighting for the television and motion picture industries. Starting with the original 1×1 LED panel, we have built on the phenomenal success of that light to develop ever-more innovative lighting solutions including: on-camera lights, Fresnels, RGB special effects lighting and advanced wireless control systems to become the first name that gaffers, DPs and cinematographers think of when it comes to lighting with LED.

In 2001, at the heart of the TV and moviemaking community, five Hollywood gaffers and lighting engineers set out on a mission to revolutionize the way that lighting was used on sets.

Using newly emerging LED technology, they wanted to create a lightweight, slim-profile fixture that would make it extremely versatile and quick to rig, a characteristically soft, HD-friendly light, that could be infinitely dimmed with no noticeable shift in colour temperature, an eco-friendly light that draws less energy with lower running costs and a light that generates practically no heat to keep the talent comfortable.

They succeeded and the light they created was the now familiar Litepanels 1×1 LED panel. It was an instant hit with studios and lighting designers and an entire industry was born.

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